Ellipse IPL Applicator Refurbishment

Ellipse Applicator Refurbishments

*excludes lightguide replacements

BeautyLight Technical Services Ltd is your single source for on-site service & repairs of aesthetic systems for the beauty industry. We offer an expert technical support service and are the exclusively UK authorised agent for Ellipse IPL systems and Venus Radio Frequency Systems.

Venus Swan andVenus Freeze RF Systems

We offer:

  • Reliable service and repairs
  • Tailored support & service solutions for developers and manufacturers of medical, cosmetic & aesthetic equipment
  • Safety checks, filters and software upgrades
  • Installation of systems
  • Customized Service Plans to fit your needs and budget
  • Committed to excellence in servicing and customer satisfaction Now you have a place to go to for affordable, reliable, quality servicing and repairs.

Call +44 (0) 208 741 1111

and be assured we will have an answer to your problem or email technical@ellipseipl.co.uk